Have you made your Christmas shopping list?

Artisan bakery Hale, Altrincham CheshireWe have plenty of fabulous seasonal favourites again this year!

Our famous luxury mince pies are hand-made on-site and are available individually or in convenient gift boxes.

Our famous Yule Logs are in store – filled with chocolate buttercream and covered in delicious ganache.

Christmas novelty cakes filled with marzipan and mini parcels of selected confectionery; the perfect gift at any gathering.

Large Game and Pork Pies will be available instore during Christmas week along with hot savouries and freshly made sandwiches.

Christmas speciality cakes

Rum truffle chocolate puddings                         £1.60
Cornflake novelties                                           £1.00
Viennese mince pies                                          £1.45
Gingerbread christmas trees                              £0.80
Shortbread stars                                                £1.60
Stollen                                                              £1.60
Christmas battenburg                                        £6.75
Christmas yule logs                                          £16.50

Call in today to see what Hills Bakery can bring to your table this Christmas!