Happy New Year – Cake is allowed!

The month of January is so often associated with `new resolutions’ and it is great to use the opportunity of the New Year to try something new.

 Enjoying our food in moderation, together with exercise, has now been proven to be the healthiest way to live. A lifestyle change as opposed to short sharp burst of excluding things we think are bad for us is the way to go.

If we have the feeling of guilt ‘I shouldn’t really have this’, when eating something, the body releases the stress hormones cortisol and adrenaline which signals to the body all is not well. The food is more likely to be stored as fat. Apparently it dates back to when humans lived in caves – when food was short and it wasn’t known when the next meal was to come, the body became anxious so the food was stored as fat so it could be drawn upon when food was not available.

The ethos of the bakery is to provide products low in preservatives and additives, made on site from scratch using high quality, fresh ingredients. We can all enjoy a cake, pastry, sandwich or delicious warm bread for example, as part of a healthy diet.

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