Four more sleeps to go!

Christmas at Hills’ bakery is one of our busiest times of the year – With just four more sleeps to go until the big day, we have been buzzing  as we come to the end of our busiest week of the year.

Of course Christmas does not typically end on Christmas day, with celebrations and family get togethers lasting well into January we continue to provide all our seasonal favourites for you to share amongst friends and family.

Looking at all our Christmas traditions, lovingly developed over the years; one stands out as a master class in artisan baking; our mince pie.

They have always been made by hand; each pie blocked off with freshly made pastry and filled with mincemeat.

For the past twenty years we have sourced a German made pastry flour which combined with our luxury mincemeat gives a unique and delicious taste.

We are often told by our customers that ours are the best they have ever tried; praise indeed!

This year Megan, one of our bakers has made a mini mince pie. It’s a delicious mouthful for less calories.

Come and visit us and stock up, its one thing we dont tend to eat at any other time of the year. Great to have in the storecupboard for unexpected guests, take with you to family and friends, take to work with you or enjoy by yourself with a nice cup of tea or coffee.

Dont forget Santa likes one or two to be left for him when he visits!!

Merry Christmas!